Kriya Yoga in Poland

Paramahamsa Prajnanananda, the current spiritual leader of the Kriya Yoga International Organization (KYIO), and Rajarshi Peter van Breukelen, spiritual leader of the Kriya Yoga Meditation Foundation (KYM), have expressed their wish to establish the Kriya Yoga Poland Association.

Kriya Yoga is a meditation technique as well as a lifestyle handed down by Kriya Yoga masters and teachers that promotes integrated development – spiritual, physical, psychological, emotional and intellectual – through yoga, meditation, prayer, study and service regardless of race, nationality, gender or religion.

The objectives of the Association are:
a. popularizing the teachings and ideas preached by Kriya Yoga masters and teachers
b. promoting Kriya Yoga meditation techniques
c. Supporting other charitable organizations in the country and around the world with similar goals
d. Supporting and launching initiatives for the benefit of local communities
e. charity
f. promotion and organization of volunteering
g. Assistance to victims of disasters, natural disasters, armed conflicts, wars at home and abroad

The Association pursues its objectives through:
a. organizing meetings, lectures, workshops, courses, trainings
b. establishing and maintaining contacts, organizing joint ventures and providing financial, material and technical support to organizations with similar goals in Poland and other countries
c. Organizing charitable and philanthropic actions for the benefit of local communities
d. organization of charitable and volunteer activities

The Association is a non-profit organization and this means that all of the organization’s funds are allocated to statutory activities and the Association’s activities are based solely on the community work of its members and volunteers.

If anyone would like and can financially support our statutory activities, we very sincerely and humbly request and provide account number:

Kriya Yoga Association Poland
Account no: 30 1140 2105 0000 5569 5400 1003

In the title of the payment write:
donation for statutory activity

If you would like to join our group contact us !