Kriya Yoga Center Poland

The Kriya Yoga Poland Association at its recent General Membership Meeting decided to purchase a property to be used as the Kriya Yoga Centre in Poland.
The property chosen was in the village of Tłuczań in the Małopolska province, Wadowice district, Brzeźnica municipality.

Property with great potential in a quiet area surrounded by fields and forests with an area of 1.68 hectares. Detached house to live immediately with an area of approx.
100 (plus the top of the house to be adapted), all utilities are connected (water, gas, electricity). The property has three garages, a shed and a barn.



on the property

Balice Airport – Tłuczań approx. 36 km
Krakow – Tłuczań approx. 40 km.

Kriya Yoga Center Poland
in Poland



We humbly ask you to contribute as much as you can to the next stages of the project.
For any amount, even the smallest amount, we thank you with great gratitude!
Deposit details below:

Data for payment in PLN

Kriya Yoga Association Poland
Ul. Garczyński 13
31-524 Kraków

Account no: 73 1140 2105 0000 5569 5400 1005
Title: Donation for Kriya Yoga Centre Poland

Euro deposit details

Kriya Yoga Association Poland
Ul. Garczyński 13
31-524 Kraków

Account no: PL03 1140 2105 0000 5569 5400 1004

Title: Donation to Kriya Yoga Centre Poland

Thanks to your generosity, and the generous support of Kriyavans from abroad, we quickly raised the amount needed to purchase this property. It’s amazing that we collected so much in such a short time! It shows us how much we are able to achieve together!

For all your donations we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

The first stage of the venture is behind us, the property has been purchased, but now we have the next stages ahead of us: the preparation of the design for the extension and the construction of the new rooms (sleeping rooms, meditation room, kitchen, dining room, etc.), the design work is already underway, and then, as funds are raised, the implementation of our venture step by step
We believe that just as we quickly raised the necessary funds for the first stage (i.e., the purchase of the property), we will also not lack funds for the implementation of the next stages of construction, thanks to your generosity.
Together we can do more!
Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, we earnestly ask you to donate as much as you can.
For every amount, even the smallest, we sincerely THANK YOU!